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We improve productivity and build growth by turning great ideas into products.

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How we can help

Web Development

We use cutting-edge technologies to build reliable, grow driving websites and applications that give results and increase growth. Ample Tech websites combine attractive design, practical functionality and solid development. Your website is the tool that builds your brand, drives sales, and simplifies your operations. We use our design expertise to build user-centered websites and applications that connect with your customers while increasing revenue.

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Custom Development

We deliver robust scalable solutions for your project. We invest time and resources to develop your project with the latest technology, transforming your company to innovators in your market. Ample Tech projects streamline your operations by using automation, and they are tailor made to meet your company requirements. We develop a keen understanding of your vision. Our team translates your ideas into a detailed plan that will make them a reality, on time and cost-effectively.

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Mobile Development

We deliver great mobile experience to your customers by building reliable, intuitive and attractive apps. Your customers engage with your brand through the mobile application, so we make sure they get a seamless customer experience. A clean user-friendly app increases your customer retention. Whether you want to launch for Android or iOS, we build or adapt your app. Also we create cross-platform applications. For online stores, banking, delivery services you name it; we create it.

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UI / UX Design

We design with the user at the center of the project, helping them reach their intended action quickly. Ample Tech websites and applications are easy to use, with intuitive interfaces that engage customers. Your user’s needs form the storyline of the experience design. A clear design and carefully placed calls-to-action guide the user to the next step in the journey. Our designs follow the latest trends in UI/UX and best practices, helping your company offer value and innovative experiences to your visitors. And happy visitors make returning customers.

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Consultancy Services

Our team of expert consultants work with your company to develop a deep understanding of your business model and operations. Ample Tech team then crafts a detailed roadmap with recommendations about the software solutions that best add value to your business. The carefully developed blueprint takes into account all aspects of the project, from infrastructure to visuals. Ample Tech experts provide solutions that optimize your project and help you achieve your business goals.

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The way we work

01. Think

We learn about your business, your vision and goals. Our task is to find and develop the optimal solution that creates growth for your company. We do that by performing a discovery session where we gather information and develop a detailed plan to get the optimal solution for your business.

02. Design

Clean and impeccable design attracts visitors while the user experience makes them stay. User experience is at the centre of every one of our design. We build an attractive and clean design that compels the visitor not to leave the website/app. Our UX/UI designers ensure that the app interface is intuitive and provides seamless interaction.

03. Develop

Using cutting-edge technology and a diversified stack, we build comprehensive software solutions that meet and exceed expectations. Ample Tech expert developers dedicate time and resources to understand your project requirements, developing a solution that helps your company build growth and increase sales.

06. Support

We got you covered. Our service doesn’t finish with the product launch. Once a product is live, we continue giving monitoring and maintenance, keeping an eye on your project. You can rely on Ample Tech for the ongoing support we can suggest improvements and updates as your business needs evolve.

05. Deliver

Once the project is finished and ready to launch, we deliver the solution on time, according to the timeframe. Ample Tech gives you training and detailed instructions so your staff can manage the project independently. We continue collaborating on long-term bases to help your company achieve its business goals.ness goals.

04. Test

Quality and security are part of our work approach. To avoid delays, we integrate the testing into the development process. Ample Tech Quality Assurance engineers pick the code as soon as it is ready, testing and eliminating bugs on the go. You then get a stable and secure solution free of bugs and configuration errors.

We help startups

The road to being a startup is long and challenging. Ample Tech helps your unique, disruptive idea to life. From the concept to launch, we develop a custom solution that drives investments and meet your project’s goals. Ample Tech helps entrepreneurs turn out-of-the-box ideas into out-of-the-box projects. Start-up projects usually are subject to changes, and our responsive team adapts to the concept changes that a startup endures, from concept to launch.

Ample Tech can help you achieve a smooth development process that will take your application or website to lunch on time and inside budget while achieving your business goals for the project.

01. Custom development

Your startup idea is unique, and requires a unique solution, not packaged. At Ample Tech we learn the characteristics that make your project special, creating innovative solutions that reflect your product ideas. Our development process brings the benefits of saving the cost of remaking a project and creating exactly the solution your company needs.

02. Strategy

 Planning carefully the strategy of going to market for your application or your site launch is an essential part of your site or application project. A well-timed launch can boost sales and downloads. Your success is our success. Ample Tech helps develop the strategy for the website so it remains relevant, driving traffic and growth.

03. Fast Adaptability to Changes

Even with a deep analysis of the market and the most accurate business plan, the road to launch a startup is full of changes. Maybe you need to implement a change in the specification or change the concept altogether. Ample Tech helps companies through our flexible work approach, testing the hypothesis, and quickly changing the project.

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Case Studies

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Flexibility and Transparency

We provide different services according to your needs.Our diverse offer allows us to work as contractors, or you can outsource specific specialists from us. At Ample Tech we leave room in the scope and budget to change and supplement requirements, while keeping you updated along the entire process.

We Achieve Results

Our work approach and development process is focused on one goal, help our customers achieve success. The Ample Tech team works to develop solutions that are tools that get your business and other goals. When you choose Ample Tech, you receive comprehensive service, carefully crafted products that optimize processes, build growth and drive business.

Expertise and Skills

The Ample Tech team combine a unique set of expertise and knowledge. Our team is up to date with the latest trends in the development design and UX/UI, bringing cutting-edge techniques to the projects we develop. Our websites and apps, then, are fast, reliable and easy to use, ranking high in search engines and app stores.