Is Custom Software Right for Your Company? Pros and Cons of Custom Development

Is your company maximizing the efficiency of your operations? When you want to make the most of your systems, sometimes the shortest way is to invest in custom software development. Is a common misconception that having a custom solution developed for your company is an expensive and complicated process. However, this is often incorrect.

Choosing custom software development for your company is like the story of the two roads: a long but short road vs the short but long road. Many times what seems the fastest way brings endless updates and fixings. Companies usually opt for custom development after no boxed solution can meet the needs or solve their problem. In this post, we’ll explain the pros and cons of custom development.

Why Is a Custom Software Solution Right for Your Company?

Trying to integrate existing software to your operations can be a hassle for many companies. Boxed products work with standard processes that may or not fit your company’s operations. They also can be hard to integrate with existing systems. If you are considering a custom solution, start by asking the following questions about your business:

  • Do we have a problem that can’t be solved by standard solutions?
  • Do we have a need that is unique to us?
  • Do we need to gain an edge in a new market?
  • Does our customer purchasing process need improvement?
  • Is our current technology outdated or difficult to use?
  • Could we streamline or speed processes if we had new technology?
  • Do we need to improve communication between departments with an application?

You should consider custom software if your answer was positive to any of these questions. 

Pros and Cons of a Custom Software Solution

There are some things to consider when evaluating investing in a custom software solution.
Custom solutions have advantages and disadvantages, like every tailored product. You should consider the following pointers when deciding:


  1. A solution made for your specific needs
    You get a software product tailored to the specific needs and problems or your company.  Moreover, software development companies like us at Ample Tech, Australia, work with you to define your goals and build the product to meet your objectives. Unlike off-the-shelf products, you can give feedback and take part in the development of your product. The software aligns with your branding and competitive strategies since we build it with the end-user in mind.
  2. Ownership and control
    For instance, you would like to continue updating the solution at your company, having full control of your content management. At Ample Tech, we give full ownership and a content management system when we deliver a custom solution. We also train your staff to ensure you can manage the solution with ease.
  3. Security
    Off-the-shelf solutions can easily be the subject to attacks because of inadequate security testing methodology. Usually, with the rush of producing software, developers take open-source packages without proper testing for the origin and the security of the code. Instead, during the custom software development process, security testing is baked into the development lifecycle. That means that we test every piece of code for security risks and vulnerabilities at every stage of the process.
  4. Easy integration
    Unlike ready-made solutions, the developer team builds the solution so it integrates seamlessly with the existing software in your business. You can tell the developers to include integration with other applications that you plan to add.
  5. Support
    With custom-made software, you get a dedicated technical support team that fully understands how your product works and offer support and maintenance moving forward. You shouldn’t have to wait until the software provider updates the program or provides support.


  1. Longer time to build
    A custom business application or system requires more than to go and buy a box and install it. But the time is spent in planning and ensuring the solution fits like a glove to your business requirements. At Ample Tech we pride in keeping the development aligned with the timeline specified in the plan so you won’t have delays to implement or launch the product.
  2. You can’t see the feature list at the back of the box
    With shelf products, you get a list of the features on the back of the box explaining what the solution can do. When you choose custom development, you set the list of features. The process may be a bit longer, but you get exactly the features you need to achieve your business goals.
  3. The upfront cost seems higher
    Many companies hesitate to acquire custom software because the upfront cost seems higher compared with off-the-shelf solutions. That would be like expecting a bespoke Savile Row suit to cost the same as a mass-produced suit. The initial cost pays itself along the way in increased productivity and less need for fixing.

Myth or Truth: Is Custom Software the Most Expensive Option?

Custom software development is considered expensive compared with boxed products. However, this is not exactly true. Off-the-shelf software is built like a one-size solution, but in reality, it will need customization. The software will have many features you want but surely won’t have it all. So, in most cases, you will need to pay a developer to customize the solution to support your operations. 

These modifications and updates can end up costing you more money. Moreover, you will need to request the modifications to the service provider, who can deny them. 

Custom software takes time and effort from the professionals that create your solution. But in the end, custom development becomes the least expensive option

Learn More About What You Can Do With Custom Software

professional custom software development team will come up with the perfect solution for your business. Unlike buying a ready-made product, you don’t need to be a software expert when you consult with a custom developer. The team will analyze your requirements and develop the best possible product for your company. Contact us at Ample Tech today to start building a bespoke software solution. 

Anton Kozyritskiy - Ample Tech Australia Founder and CEO
Anton Kozyritskiy

Ample Tech Founder and CEO