Case Studies

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Case Studies Overview

FinTech Platform

We were tasked to create an innovative solution for a disruptive, unique tool for digital trading. The Ample Tech team conducted an in-depth analysis of existing financial solutions, finding out what didn’t work in other solutions and how we could do it better. This detailed analysis allowed us to develop a flexible and comprehensive solution for the asset management market.

The goal was to develop a digital trading platform that covered as many management features as possible while being user friendly. Th would allow the traders to have all the tools at hand.

The final product is a comprehensive trading platform with an intuitive interface. Traders with all levels of experience could use it, without the need for special training. The operation was stable and fast-running, regardless of the system’s large workload. Learn more about what we can do for similar projects.

eCommerce Platform

For this case, we had to combine an online store with a DIY design platform. The store offered customers the possibility of designing their products from listed components. Customers also could buy from the ready-made stock or order a custom design.

The Ample Tech Team designed an easy to use and intuitive interface for the DIY platform. Users can complete their design in a few steps, choosing the design components with an easy drag-and-drop feature. An online chatbot offers the customers a space to ask questions and inquiries. In addition to the design platform, Ample Tech developers automated internal processes. We focused on streamlining the supply management, delivery and payment, to provide the customer with a smooth purchasing journey.


At Ample Tech, we also work on revamping and restructuring existing projects. This case required improving the original project, cleaning the design and focusing on  increasing UI/UX performance. 

This revamp involved improving the front end section in design and functionality. The company catered to end users and also wholesalers. We improved the front end for both user portals. We reviewed the code for the entire site and also automated processes on the internal administrative platform. Learn more about how we can improve existing projects.

Tyre Compare is a tire service platform that simplifies customers finding the right tires and tire service. We improved the original project by polishing the design and increasing UI/UX performance.

The site comprises three original sections, a public section which the customers interact with, an internal administrative section and a portal for service providers to manage service requests. The Ample Tech team reviewed the existing code and interfaces, planning and executing an improvement plan, introducing the necessary changes.