Online Store Case Study

This case shows an example of combining an online store with a DIY design platform. This company offered customers the possibility of designing their own products besides buying ready-made products. Read below how we tackled such a unique challenge and made it a success.


This project involved the development of different elements for the platform: 

  1. The online store with a complete platform for processing orders. 
  2. A DIY design section with an easy interface. 
  3. Customizing a Content Management system to manage the large content stock and help with order supply.

Challenges and solutions

The project presented challenges because of its innovative nature. 

First, the online shop needed to integrate the design section. The idea is for the customer to choose if they want to buy a ready product, hire a designer or design their own. We wanted to give the customer a simple purchasing experience. Therefore, choosing needed to be intuitive and easy. We solved this by including the option right at the beginning of the purchasing project. 

The DIY option had to be clean and intuitive for exceptional customer experience. We solved this challenge by adding drag-and-drop functionality. Quality images and renderings make it simple for the user to choose the components to assembly. Once users design the product, they get a quote and can complete the order and checkout. 

The main aspect of this store concept is giving the buyer the maximum flexibility to build a bespoke product. That increases user dwelling time on the site, keeping them interested. Users that can create their product or design usually have a higher purchasing intent, increased loyalty. That results in a higher ROI. 

This particular store carried high-end products, so secure payment and delivery was a must. Ample Tech developers integrated secure payment and delivery solutions right with the checkout. Users needed to have a variety of payment options, so we integrated the purchase system with third-party shipping and payment services. 

Fluid communication with end-users was key for achieving our goal of focusing on great customer service. Since customers expect to be timely informed of their purchase status from the moment they complete the order. The Ample Tech team solved this challenge by integrating an automated email service which sends automatic status messages at every stage of the purchasing journey. 

We also simplified communications by adding an online chatbot. The AI-powered bot can solve simple queries by taking into account the customer history.

Efficient Content management is a critical part of any e-commerce site. However attractive and easy to use the front end is, the key of a successful online store lies in the efficient management of the store content. This store presented the challenge of managing big product listings. That involves presenting the products, the layout and update.

We simplified the store content management by automating the products update. We also improved the supplier platform and the uploading of new products for the platform. 

One requirement for the project was to automate the workflow processes, including the products building. We integrated the processes and products so the company can save time and resources. We updated the backend platform to track orders and communicate with the designers. 


The result was a comprehensive solution that combined the online store with design, production and sales of merchandise. The platform covers all aspects of the purchasing journey from choosing and designing to shipping and delivery. By doing this, we help our customers achieve their business goals. Ample Tech’s systematic and innovative approach led us to a brilliant result.

Technology Stack



Microsoft SQL Server