FinTech Case Study

Fintech innovations have special requirements that need innovative solutions. We incorporate new technologies such as Blockchain to develop disruptive solutions. Read below to know how we do it with an example case study.


The case study in question for the Fintech industry involved building a disruptive online trading platform. The key was to include as many functionalities as possible to give traders the tools right at the tip of their fingers. These tools should integrate without disrupting the performance and usability of the platform. Read about how we solved this and other challenges in our next section.

Challenges and solutions

One of the challenges of working with disruptive technologies is that projects often have no existing references. You’re the first to develop the concept. This project was one of these cases. The heart of the platform was around Blockchain technology, which is still in its early stages. According to our competitive analysis, this project could provide a unique solution for online traders. 

The Ample Tech team worked by developing the design, functionality and infrastructure of the project. Our goal was to develop a comprehensive solution that makes the work of traders easier. With that in mind, we set to integrate the tools into a full platform that will meet their needs. 

The actual users would be a mix of experienced and novice traders, so the interface needed to be accessible or all levels of training. We focused on a clean design and easy user interface so any user with any experience level can work confidently on the platform. 

The last challenge was how to keep the system stable despite the large workloads. We improved internal processes, optimizing the performance so it stays stable and fast. 


The result of this project is an innovative online platform that provides investors and traders with a wide range of financial tools for their convenience. The user interface design is neat and easy to use, even by inexperienced traders. The system runs fast and remains stable under high loads of work. Contact us today to know how we help projects in Fintech succeed.

Technology Stack



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