Marketplace Revamp Case Study

We also work on existing projects in need of improvement. Read this example to know how we can optimize usability and design on a website geared for different users.


This challenging project involved improving an existing system integrating both a B2C platform and a platform for service providers. The website needed a revamp to make it more user friendly and functional. 

When working with existing projects, we usually introduce the changes in a phased approach. That allows us to improve the site without disrupting operations. The project required improvements in the following areas:

  • design and usability of the B2C site
  • improving the general infrastructure’s functionality.
  • incorporate additional features.  

Challenges and solutions

We approached the challenges on four fronts: usability, responsive design, interfaces and notifications. Below you can find an example o our working process:

  1. Our first step was conducting a usability audit on the entire site. We reviewed the code on the site and the portals, identifying issues in functionality and usability. Our constant communication with the client helped understand their expectations and prioritizing processes. 
  2. We developed a detailed work plan with clear phases to improve the platform. At Ample Tech, we believe the key for a smooth update is to introduce the changes gradually without disrupting functionality. We can then check how the improvements are working and get the input of the customer. 
  3. Another area that required work was the responsiveness. The lack of responsive design can make it difficult for users to find what they are looking for. We transformed the existing page’s layout so users can access and browse via any device. 
  4. The Ample Tech developers also improved the B2C platform interfaces, eliminating cluttering elements. The goal was to achieve a clean and smooth process for the user. The new and clean interface benefits both for end-users and also the service providers, ultimately improving their ROI.
  5. We had to improve the notification system to optimize the purchasing process. Customers now demand to be on the loop as soon as they complete a purchase. We included an automated instant emailing system and improved SMS notifications. That ensures timely contact with the users, giving them valuable information when they need it.


After we updated the site, the customer saw positive results from the end-users and the service providers. The clean functionality and user-friendly interface increased the number of customers, increasing engagement and brand loyalty. Ample Tech continues collaborating with the customer, finding points of growth for the project, increasing the customer base and increasing ROI.

Technology Stack


Microsoft SQL Server