We work with organizations from a broad array of verticals and industries. Ample Tech approaches each project as a unit, taking into account your brand, how do you operate, the target segment of the project and your preferences. Look at the categories listed below and learn how we help.

Industries We Help


Becoming a startup can be a long and tiring road. That’s why our task is to bring your idea to life, finding the optimal solution to meet your goals. At Ample Tech, we have the experience and the insight to take care of dynamic and changing startup projects, from inception to launch. Do you have an innovation that develops a new ecosystem? We develop to optimize the disruptive potential of your project. Is your project inside an existing market? We find a fresh angle to help your startup to succeed.

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Your website is meant to inspire action from customers. Ample Tech websites guide your visitors through the customer journey simply and clearly. Your customers’ journey starts by finding relevant information and compelling visuals, with sound calls to action that drive them to step by step. Our intuitive interface takes them smoothly from search to checkout. Easy-to-use UI/UX design and mobile-responsiveness result in more completed purchases, returning customers and better ROI for your online store.

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Company Websites

Ample Tech websites reflect your brand and give answers to your users, helping you reach business goals. We design, build and test, so it works responsively on every device. Ample Tech’s personable and customer-centred approach to development means we apply our technical expertise to your idea whether it is just a concept or a detailed specification plan. The combination of brand-consistent design with intuitive user experience creates a website that gives you results from the start and in the long term.

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Success at Fintech means disrupting financial markets, driving digital transformation. We help our clients to do just that through well-designed, stable systems, with simple interfaces that anyone can use. At Ample Tech, you can find integrated applications for banking, financial organizations and Fintech startups. Whether you need to automate processes or integrate a payment solution, our team develops it for you with a fast and accurate approach.

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Restaurant Management

Restaurant management solutions that solve staffing, menu planning, and delivery challenges? Rely on Ample Tech expertise. We develop comprehensive solutions that help you manage your needs, from solving the shifts-dilemma, managing the menus and multiple POS to streamline deliveries. The Ample Tech team develops cost-effective solutions that automate business processes by driving growth and increasing ROI.

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The uses of Blockchain technology developed from the cryptocurrency market to a secure form of payment transfer used in banking, international shipping, retail and real estate. You can disrupt your industry by digitally transforming your business. We create custom blockchain solutions that help our customers securely transfer sensitive data, automate payments, create digital wallets and assets.

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