We design online stores that attract visitors, boost conversions, and bring profits. Learn more to see how we can help.

What we do

E-commerce has grown exponentially this year, and companies all over the world are building and improving their online stores. The competition is hard, and your online store needs to stand out to keep customers. Ample Tech designs online stores that are attractive and functional, quickly guiding your buyers from landing page to checkout.

We start with a discovery session where we collect and analyze information about the company operations, the market in which the company moves, and the business processes involved. We learn as much as possible about your business so we can develop the optimal solution to boost your sales and bring profits.

The Ample Tech team develops a detailed project based on technical, administrative and business requirements, with a scope and budget from the start. You get updates with every milestone, and our flexible approach enables us to change the project if necessary.

Our online stores focus on giving your customer the best user experience, making it easy and fast for them to achieve their purchases.

How we can help

Web Development

We use cutting-edge technologies to build reliable, grow driving websites and applications that give results and increase growth. Ample Tech websites combine attractive design, practical functionality and solid development. Your website is the tool that builds your brand, drives sales, and simplifies your operations. We use our design expertise to build user-centered websites and applications that connect with your customers while increasing revenue.

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Mobile Development

We deliver great mobile experience to your customers by building reliable, intuitive and attractive apps. Your customers engage with your brand through the mobile application, so we make sure they get a seamless customer experience. A clean user-friendly app increases your customer retention. Whether you want to launch for Android or iOS, we build or adapt your app. Also we create cross-platform applications. For online stores, banking, delivery services you name it; we create it.

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UI / UX Design

We design with the user at the center of the project, helping them reach their intended action quickly. Ample Tech websites and applications are easy to use, with intuitive interfaces that engage customers. Your user’s needs form the storyline of the experience design. A clear design and carefully placed calls-to-action guide the user to the next step in the journey. Our designs follow the latest trends in UI/UX and best practices, helping your company offer value and innovative experiences to your visitors. And happy visitors make returning customers.

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Our competencies

Integration of Accounting Systems

eCommerce sites not only consist of the online storefront. The store needs to integrate management and accounting systems to provide a seamless purchasing experience for the customer. Ample Tech integrates management and accounting to your site, that’s why that can operate simultaneously with your offline store or mobile application.

Integration of Payment and Delivery Services

No online store can be complete without a payment and delivery system. These complete the service so your buyer can arrange for checkout and delivery without issues. The Ample Tech Team integrates the payment and delivery to provide a seamless purchasing experience. We also support your marketing efforts by connecting an email newsletter service.


Your store needs to change content often to renew products and keep your customers interested. Products change with the season, move to sale or marketing campaigns. An online store website needs to manage the content efficiently. Ample Tech installs a Content Management System (CMS) in your site so you can keep the website always updated.

How We Work?

  1. Our working process starts by conducting a discovery session where we listen to your vision and your project. During this, we collect information to craft a detailed plan with clear milestones, scope and budget. You get a projection of the intended result for each stage.
  2. At Ample Tech, you get full control over the project development and get preliminary results at every stage. These enable us to launch the project even with limited functionality, and the customer can give priority to a part of the project. Customers usually get a working prototype that lets them see how the site will work once finished.
  3. Once the project is ready, we deliver clear and detailed instructions, including training in content management, supporting your team so they can manage the solution on their own.
  4. Your online store is ready! 

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