Custom Development

Our custom development combines a polished process with captivating visuals to drive growth and provide a seamless user experience.

Why choose Ample Tech

At Ample Tech we believe in the power of uniqueness. Your idea is one-of-a-kind, and as such, we build your project. We invest time and resources to develop your project with the latest technology, transforming your company in innovators in your market.

This investment results in a solid project that streamlines operations by automating all processes, and it is designed and developed just to meet your business requirements. Our work starts by listening carefully to your vision, what makes your project unique. We then design a detailed plan to make it a reality, while keeping the project on time and cost-effective.

Custom development is useful when your company has special compliance or technical requirements that can be solved with web development standard packages, or you need an innovative solution. It also gives you the freedom to showcase your brand exactly as you need it for maximum impact.

Are you a startup with a fresh idea? Your company is integrating new services? At Ample Tech we pride on our creativity, having worked on out-of-the-box development solutions, start-ups and no-mainstream products. Check our Portfolio to see how we do it.

Our Core Competencies

Collection and Analysis of Requirements

Our working process for custom development projects starts with the discovery session. To be successful, a custom development project requires a careful collection and process of the many requirements of the project. The more we know about your project, the more effective the solution will be, and the more adjusted to your branding. We use this information to create a clear and detailed specification of the future project, leaving nothing out. We plan not only the scope and budget but every step of the project, involving the design from the start for a cohesive idea. A solid specification list helps us exceed your expectations, delivering more every time.

Solution Architecture Design

Ample Tech developers know that a sound project foundation is the secret of performance success. A well-designed solution architecture acts as a support system for the project, influencing how the application or site works, and ultimately helping your company get its goals. That’s why our Software Architecture specialists design it so every part of the system works seamlessly, consuming the minimum time and resources. We work by developing first a proof-of-concept, a prototype which includes all the details of a live project so you can check how it will work once finished. From the inside out, from the system structure to the interfaces, our prototypes let us work with you to refine usability and comply with requirements.

Custom site or app development

We are experts at bringing ideas to life. At Ample Tech we use the latest innovations in web and application development to make your project unique, giving you a cutting edge over your competitors. Non-standard products require thinking out of the box, and we use non-standard technological and interface solutions so you receive a site or application that is innovative and stands out from the crowd. We are methodical and consistent to ensure your project starts without delays and is delivered on time to launch. At the same time, a project is an alive and dynamic process, and sometimes changes are required. Our flexible working format ensures we can quickly change the plan.

Customization of an Existing Project

If your online store has outgrown its standard functions or you need new functionality for your website, we can help. Ample Tech will customize your project, adding the extra features without redoing the entire architecture. This saves our customers time and costs while keeping the project architecture and key functionality. Maybe your site is in need of a revamp to accommodate new design features or provide a new service to your customers. In many cases, there is no need to build a new project from scratch. Our developers analyze your existing project and customize the interface, the design and architecture to give new life to it.

Project Audit

Custom sites and applications need improvements from time to time to keep on pace with technology developments and customer demands. On one side, the fast pace of technology change makes it necessary for companies to refresh their websites and apps to keep customers interested. In addition, customers demand more convenience every time, and features that were considered the utmost of the customer experience, now are view as cumbersome. We audit your project and propose innovative solutions for its update. Ample Tech analyzes and improves your website or app so you can always stay ahead of the market.

Оur case studies

Our case studies