Mobile App Development

We build mobile apps that are reliable, intuitive and attractive. A clean and user-friendly app that works well every time helps customers engage with your brand, increasing your customer retention. Read on to find out how we help.

Ample Tech – Reliable and Intuitive Mobile Apps

Our digital lives mean we rely on mobile devices for most of our daily activities. More than half of consumers use their phones to access the Internet to buy products, use services and communicate. That opens many business opportunities to reach your users where they are most of the time, on their phones. We help your company tap on these opportunities by creating reliable, attractive and intuitive applications that reflect your corporate identity. For iPhone or Android, for e-commerce, delivery or payment services, you bring your idea – we build it.

Our developers create your application from scratch, in time for release on application stores. Since your app is the way your customers reach your company, we ensure it provides a seamless customer experience, taking them from browse to payment in no time. We integrate your app with third-party services, such as accounting and sales, to enhance your customer service.

Online Stores – your customers can browse and shop, arrange payment and delivery from their phones. You can use the app to send promotions and special offers for app users

Dispatch, Delivery and Courier Services – you can organize the dispatch while giving your customers the chance of track deliveries and shipments. 

Payment Services – payment companies increase customer loyalty by providing the convenience of making payments with a few taps on a phone screen.   

Online Booking – let guests browse listings, book, modify, and cancel travel and hospitality bookings.

Government Services – municipalities and utility services can offer users, pay their taxes, fill forms, and request services. 

Financial Platforms and Services – banks and financial companies can offer their customers check and operate their bank accounts anywhere at any time.

Which Businesses Need a Mobile App?

  1. Startups that centre their customer interaction through mobile applications.
  2. Established companies with desktop sites which want to improve customer service or reach a new audience by adding a mobile app.
  3. Companies who want to simplify their business processes by adding a mobile application.

Our core competencies

Enterprise mobile applications

Large businesses require mobile applications that can streamline their business processes while giving a solution for their customers. Utility companies, banks, health services, and large e-commerce platforms typically manage massive amounts of data, processing heavy loads of daily operations. Their customers require interfaces that can take them to the goal in as fewer steps as possible. Enterprises also have strict compliance requirements, which include endpoint security and data management policies. We help our clients by building reliable apps that can sustain high-load operations while keeping the interface user-friendly.

iPhone and iPad applications

The number of iOS devices is increasing quickly. Globally, the number of iPhone users surpasses the billion. Your application can reach to this fresh audience by having an iOS app ready for your customers to use. We will develop a custom iOS application from scratch until launch on the Apple Store. Already have a working Android app? Ampletech developers can create an iOS version from it. We adapt the Android app to iOS so you can add iPhone and iPad users to your customers base.

Android applications

We build reliable and intuitive applications for Android users according to the latest trends in mobile technologies. Android is still the most popular mobile operative system, with over two and a half billion users. If your application is for a mainstream product, it can make sense to launch it first in Android. At Ample Tech, we select the most suitable technology to bring your app to top standards of usability and performance. Whether you are thinking of a new app or in need to improve your existing Android application, we can help.

Cross platform applications

Save time and money with a cross-platform application. At Ample Tech we can build your app in a way that will work both on Android and iOS. You can save the costs of developing your app twice while also cutting on the time until your app goes to market. Our motto is to build it once, run everywhere. When building the app for multiple systems at the same time, you not only can launch faster than developing separate apps, but you also reach both audiences. Therefore, you can reach more users by launching your app both in Google Play and the Apple Store in no time.

Mobile design

Designing for mobile requires specific graphics and communication to ensure the user makes the most of the experience. The site should be responsive, easy to use, with clean graphics that don’t clutter the screen. We start the design process by collecting the requirements, focusing on the user experience. Do we ask who are the end-users? How are they going to use the mobile site? Our designers then prepare a prototype, including the specifications for graphic elements. At Ample Tech, we believe preparation is key for success. We carefully prepare your design to comply with top standards so your app can be up and running as soon as possible.

Application Audit and Code Review

Audiences are dynamic, and so should be your application. New compliance requirements appear, the demands of the customers change, or you have new functionality to offer. Now and then, you need to update your application to improve engagement and reach new customers in your target base. Ample Tech can help. We will audit the application for usability and review the code. Based on our findings, we then prepare a detailed plan with our suggestions to improve performance, user experience and design. This results in a revamped application which attracts and engage more users.

Support for Existing Mobile Apps

Your application is not performing as it should? It doesn’t attract enough users? Your application development process doesn’t stop at launch. There are bugs to fix, new features to add, troubleshooting to do. New technologies appear, demanding you keep your app updated in terms of usability and functionality. To keep it updated with the latest technologies and meeting user demands, you need continuous application support. Ample Tech analyzes your existing app and proposes result-oriented additions and improvements. Contact us today to take your app to the next level.

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