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We create experiences for the visitors, focusing on usability, intuitive navigation and a seamless interaction between user and product.

Ample Tech – Growth-Driving Consulting

Do you have a new site or app idea? Ample Tech can help bring your ideas to life. We employ a multidisciplinary approach to develop your project involving software architecture, design, and marketing concepts. The process continues by creating a proof of concept, a prototype of the future site or application. This ensures the project complies with your budget and resources requirements. 

We are flexible because we focus on our customer needs, consulting on part or all of a project. Your project is underperforming? Our experts at Ample Tech test your site, reviewing the code and conducting audits. Our goal is to help our clients achieve theirs.

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Requirements Gathering and Analysis

Our working approach is methodical and consistently delivers value. Knowing our customer is at the centre of our working practices, since the more we know about your project, the more we can help improve it.
We start the journey from idea to the full developed product by gathering as much information as possible. The project then takes form based on your business goals and project requirements. The goal is to develop a carefully produced blueprint which doesn’t overlook any detail, from structure to graphics. We believe in providing our customers with stunning design and optimal performance for cost-effective results.

Prototype Development

Once we have the specification and project plan, is time to build the prototype. Our team of expert developers builds a working prototype of the project, according to the details on the project and specification plan. This includes graphics and design.
The prototype shows our client exactly how the site will work and how users can interact within the interface. This helps us to pinpoint possible issues in the system or the interface.
The prototype helps you visualize the final result of the project. You can try it for yourself how the structure works, the logic of the interface and the attractiveness of the graphics. Ample Tech’s prototypes help you save costs and time on corrections.

Software design & architecture development


At Ample Tech, we pride in using the latest technologies for our client’s projects. When developing a custom site or application or when consulting an existing project, we keep updated of the latest innovations that can bring solutions to our clients. We select the optimal solutions stack that can take your site or app to the highest standard of performance, visuals and usability.
Websites and applications sites usually require integrating with on-premises software, such as payment solutions. We design our projects in a way that can easily integrate with third-party solutions. This ensures our products are usable and adaptable to the various environments of our clients.

Detailed Cost Estimation and Planning

We use the specification blueprint to present our clients with a detailed plan of every stage of the project development, whether is a brand new project or an existing one. Our clients don’t get hidden or surprise costs. Once we have the working plan for the project, we provide the clients with a detailed estimation of the costs and timeframe for the project. This avoids surprises or delays for our customers. A well-developed plan is also flexible, allowing us to adapt your project to the latest technologies or consumer demands, without delays.

Audit and Testing

Existing projects require evaluation to ensure they continue on top performance. Ample Tech helps by conducting performance audits and code reviews. We test the site or application for user experience and usability and give recommendations for improving the interface layout or the visitor journey.
We evaluate the design and its usability to refine and eliminate underperforming features. Well-maintained websites retain visitors who come back for great user experience. Keep your site up to date with us.


Companies can reduce their human resources and infrastructure costs by outsourcing their software development needs. Are you opening operations in another country? We can help companies coming to Australia by providing not only software consulting services but taking charge of their software development needs locally.
Outsourcing helps companies lower infrastructure costs since they don’t need to rent or build new premises and servers to accommodate a new or extended project. Our team of professional developers can help your company meet your development and automation needs while being cost-efficient.


Companies undertaking large projects sometimes find a dilemma or hiring temporary or permanent staff. Does your team lack a web designer or developer, but it doesn’t justify to hire a permanent staffer? You can save costs and hassle by having short term employees with experience and expertise in web development.
Ample Tech can help by providing temporary specialists, enabling you to get the work done and optimize costs. A difference with outsourcing, our outstaffing services provides companies with the temporary employees you need to complete a project.

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