Restaurant Management

Restaurant management solutions that increase ROI and solve daily management issues by automating business processes.

What we do

Finding comprehensive restaurant management solutions that solve staffing, menu planning, and delivery challenges are challenging. You can rely on Ample Tech to develop solutions that automate and manage every aspect of the work of your establishment. Our solutions centralize the work of multiple branches, organize staff control and optimize supplies management, increasing profits. A good management boost orders and offers great user experience.

We work by analyzing the restaurant in detail, conducting strategic and competitive analysis, as well as the technical requirements of the solution. Our detailed automation plan consists of clear milestones that deliver results at the end of each stage, which minimizes mistakes and inaccuracies. That enables the possibility of quick tests, and few revisions, allowing the project to launch on time to market.

How we can help

Restaurant Automation

We analyze the specifics of your operations and offer the optimal automation solution. Depending on your requirements, we can select and integrate a third-party solution, adapting it for your business needs, or develop a custom solution for your business.

Accounting Automation

You can gain more control over your financial transactions by automating your accounting. Our solutions can centralize the accounting and administration operations for multiple branches, even if the restaurants are in different networks.


Operation automation without digital marketing solutions doesn’t cut an edge in today’s competitive restaurant market. Integrating a company website with a mobile application to the automated operations system can give restaurants a full digital transformation, staying ahead of competitors.


Restaurant management usually requires integrating third party services such as payment and delivery solutions. Ample Tech restaurant management solutions integrate seamlessly with delivery and payment services, allowing you to give a great customer experience to your clients.

Marketing automation

Restaurants require constant marketing to attract and retain customers. Automating marketing tasks such as email marketing, SMS and push notification services can help create customer loyalty. You can conduct loyalty campaigns, offer discounts and promotions automatically at the optimal time.

Automation Benefits

Cost Optimization

When you automate processes together at the start of a project, you can save the costs of optimizing each one of the operational categories at a different stage.


The visibility of our platform lets you control all your restaurants at a glance you can control cash flow, resources management and staffing. You can manage all processes from your centralized dashboard.

Profit Increase

When you automate operations, you control costs, eliminating resource waste and ultimately increase profits and delivering high-quality services.

How We Work

  1. We automate processes with the help of synchronization tools, so all the system automation works in a coordinated way, free of stalling. 
  2. You can scale our systems to multiple branches or relevant stakeholders. 
  3. Nevertheless, if one of the branches requires further customization, the solution can be adapted or scaled-down. 
  4. We automate only processes in what automation is justified by the scope of the project. 

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