UI / UX Design

We craft engaging interfaces for your web and mobile applications and design for delightful user experience.

Ample Tech – User-Centered Design

Your site is your connection to your visitors. They search for answers, navigating your interface. A successful site provides these answers intuitively. At AmpleTech we design with the users in mind, helping them to achieve their goals quickly and easily. Our designs follow the latest trends in UI/UX and best practices, to help your company offer value and innovative experiences to your visitors. 

Do we start by collecting information about what makes a great user experience in your niche? We ask who the end-user is, and what they look for when visiting your site or application. Ample Tech developers create your site or app so you can offer a smooth journey to your visitors. A great experience equals returning visitors, increased conversions and retention.

Our Core Competencies

Responsive design

We use mobile devices for everyday tasks. From online shopping, communicating with others, to banking and learning, our devices are in our hands most of the time. Having your favourite site right at the reach of your hand can be a great experience for a user. It is convenient, and if done correctly, increases customer loyalty and drives growth.
However, users quickly flee a mobile website that is cluttered or difficult to navigate. Responsive design is the method of website building in a way it adapts to the target screen. The user then doesn’t need to zoom or scroll down. Ample Tech creates responsive sites so your visitors can achieve their goals no matter what device are they using.

Information Architecture and Prototyping

We understand that the user is at the core of every project. Before starting a project at Ample Tech, we collect as much information as possible about the end-users and their future interaction with the interface. This helps us map the visitor journey and design the site or application around it.
Our UI/UX experts then build an interactive prototype that helps us mimic the visitor journey and analyze the navigability of the project. Usability for us is the core of a successful interface. Every type of user should achieve success while interacting with it. We design the graphic components of our sites and apps, taking into account how easy is for users to get to their goal.

Graphic Design

Stunning visuals attract visitors to your site while polished and clean graphics entice the user to learn more. The cleaner the graphics, the most your message and brand will stand out. Our expert designers create outstanding graphics that reflect your corporate identity.
We design with the brand identity in mind. When the graphics are consistent with your brand identity, your core vision concepts are reinforced in the mind of the user, creating engagement and increasing customer loyalty. Ample Tech’s use of innovative graphic resources, adding media and animations, entertains and conducts your visitor quickly to success.

Frontend Development

Long gone are the days you could rely on static layouts to attract visitors to a site. In our digital era, users demand dynamic, interactive pages. The more interactive and attractive, the better. The layout and graphics of the project are critical for a successful experience for the visitor.
Ample Tech uses the pixel-perfect approach to ensure the quality of the layout through devices. Our sites enable you to engage the users by using pop-ups, embedding media, using forms, and altogether constructing an enjoyable journey for the visitor.

Usability Audit

Is your website attracting and keeping enough visitors? There are many factors that can affect website performance. For example, your website can load slowly, which drives away visitors. Usability is perhaps one of the critical features that visitors look for when browsing a site.
Most visitors will bounce due to poor usability in a website or application. Therefore, the easiest your site is to use by everyone, the higher your percentage of user retention. Ample Tech helps by conducting a usability audit. This shows the areas to improve and how we can make your site or app more user-friendly.

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